Where to Buy Louis Vuitton From?

Hey BagLovers!

This is my first post on bags, and I wanted to start from everyones fav Louis Vuitton. Yes, I was not that happy when I bought I first luxury bag Fendi (The Baguette); than I was when I bought my LV. So I bought the Wight Collection and this is the perfect day-to-evening bag. The Wight mixes the emblematic “Damier Ebène” canvas with a leather stripe of colorful Cuir Taurillon. This bag is from the Fall 2017 Collection and it’s a mix of classic with a chic touch. The thin golden chain and signed eyelets are delicately locked making it look sexy.


The Stripe comes in various colors Noir (Black), Bardeaux (Maroon), Magnolia (Pink). I have the Magnolia color. And trust me it looks amazing. I love the combination of Damier with Taurillon. A couple of people have complained about the thick chain straps that might dig in their shoulders. But trust me it wasn’t the case for me. Or May be i am too much in love with my first LV bag.

The Wight Bag is made with round curvy shape and we love that. It’s feminine yet bold. It’s perfect for casual days or evening catch up with family and friends. Its completely worth the investment.

The interior is nice as well, when you open the flap, you will find 1 interior zipped pocket and 1 double smartphone pocket.

Here’s where you should buy, below are the prices online in various countries unless mentioned:

  1. USA – $2260 – INR 1,47,792
  2. Canada - $2790 CAD – INR 1421,141
  3. Australia – AUD 2920 – INR 1,46,270
  4. Europe - €1640  – INR 1,25,411
  5. UK - £1530 GBP – INR 1,31,971
  6. Hongkong - $18700  HKD – INR 154,878 (when I checked in store it was expensive)
  7. Japan -  ¥266760 JPY – INR 154,631
  8. China - ¥17300 CNY – INR 169,464
  9. Dubai – 8590 AED – INR 156,767 (in-store price)
  10. India – INR 156,000 (in-store price)

So in totality if you are looking at buying a Louis Vuitton then the best country would be Europe followed by United Kingdom.

Will keep you guys posted about such more bags. Let me know in case you are looking at understanding the price for anyone particular bag, will be happy t help.

Till then see ya.