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Daily eye care regime

Eye Care Regime

We all know that the skin under the eye area is thinner than the face or body. And hence it needs that extra special care so that you don’t develop crow feet, dark circles etc etc…Moreover the collgaen around the eye area degrades faster and there is no oil glands in that area. Also today lifestyles has changed drastically; late nights, smoking, drinking, pollution, extra hours spend on TV, laptop and mobile; all of these creates a lot of stress on our eyes. Result – Puffy eyes, bags, dark circles, crow feet etc.


All those creams available in the market claiming to reduce your dark circles can help you a bit but will never ever in life make your situation reversible. That means you can never get those baby looking eyes back, how expensive or natural the product is. So it is very important to take care of them right from the beginning and include an eye care regime in your daily skin care routine.


You can start as early as the age of 15, because todays teen are no less stressed than adults with exams, late night pubbing, starting on alcohol and smoke early…

Age 15 – 20: Use a gel based eye care product. If you want to go completely natural you can try Aloevera gel.

Age 20 – 35: Go for oil based or cream based care.

Age 35 +: You can keep using the creams and gels plus try botox (though i am not a firm believer of the same.)

What INGREDIENTS should you look for?

  • Vitamin A,C& K helps in producing collagen and reducing dark circles
  • Avacado & Olive Oil: they are very enriching, moisturising and helps in increasing suppleness
  • Aloe Vera: Depuffs, heals & moisturise
  • Tea Extracts: They are anti inflammatory and free radicals helps in reducing puffiness & dark circles
  • Vitamin E: Act as an emollient which makes skin soft & supple


Some EYE CREAMS I Recommend

  • DIY Vit E Eye Cream: It contains vitamin E which makes skin supple and soft plus Eveing primrose oil which is high in GLA and Vitamin C which helps in producing collagen and reducing dark circles.
  • Plain Aloe Vera Gel: you can buy aloe gel from the market or make some for yourself. Read my previous blog on how to make home made aloe vera gel.
  • Forrest Essential Intensive Eye Cream with Anise. After a lot of research and reviews I decided to use this product (just started with my first bottle) and would review the same in some time. Will add the link here. For the meanwhile you can read about the product @ Forest Essential


WHEN should you APPLY Eye Creams?

You should apply eye cream daily morning and evening  along with your skin care routine. It should be applied before a serum and moisturizer and after cleansing and toning. You should ideally wait for 2-5 mins before applying your moisturiser or any make up like concealar, foundation, eyeshadow etc.

HOW should you Apply?

Now this is something no one has ever bothered about and has been applying it the wrong way. But one should know that you need to use the best product and apply it the right way to maximise benefits.

One should use a Q tip or the ring finger after throughly cleaning it. Since the ring finger is the least used and apply minimum pressure on any area. While typing on a keypad also you will realise that you never use your ring finger. Start working on small dots on the obituary of the cheek bone  starting from below the tear duct ie inner corner of the eye working towards the outer corner as seen in the image. Then apply the dots on tthe brow bone. Do not apply the cream just below the eye and on eye lids since creams always move an inch with time. Hence the product can get into your eye.

Now comes massaging the product you should not rub or glide the product under your eye or brow bone rather you should pat the same with your ring finger till the product gets throughly absorbed into the skin. Check out the video below from the skin expert on how they recommend doing it. Though I don’t recommend the product listed in the video.

Let me know how do you take care of you eyes.

Love loads!!




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Diy Eye Cream

Hi Sweeties…

I love love love this recipe! Not just because of the fact that it is pretty simple to make but it is really effective. I am making this for the second time & simply love the way it works. So lets Start…


  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

Preparation, Instructions & Application

Mix both of them in equal quantities. If you are using capsule than puncture the same with a clean & sterilized needle or scissors. Just make small amounts and store it in a clean sterilized dark glass (30 ml) bottle. Apply it every morning & evening on a clean face while moisturizing. Use a clean Q-tip to apply it under the eyes & then the remaining part can be applied on the eye lid.

Where to buy  the Ingredients?

This is my favorite part, because I have to put a lot of effort in researching for these 100% organic items in India. you will find a lot of post but all of them from people outside the country, & then you keep wondering where to buy it from.

So all you need to do is go to a chemist shop and ask for Vitamin E Capsules

Please note that there are 2 kinds of vitamin E :  Capsule form or Pure Oil i.e. the good-for-your-skin type and the other is not-so-good-for-your-skin type (but decent enough to be absorbed by body). The ingredient in these capsules you need to look for is D-alpha tocopherol , this one is in its natural state & unchanged chemically. Don’t buy the one which says Dl alpha tocopherol because this is a synthetic form of vitamin E. Check this on the back of the capsules or  bottle where it lists the ingredients. Some brands you can buy are:  Bio 3 Sg 268 mg – Capsule, Health Aid Vitamin E 400iu (d-alpha Tocopherol), Nature’s Bounty E400Pure d-Alpha.

Coming to Primrose Evening Oil

The oil that you purchase should be raw, organic, unrefined & cold pressed. Now if you look at the brand -  Health Aid Evening Primrose you will find DI-alpha Vit E mixed with it, which is synthetically produced, So don’t by this. Where as Barlean’s Organic Oils Evening Primrose Oil , Soulflower Evening Primrose Oil 30 ml are good ones to prefer.

Benefits & Workings

  1.  Vitamin E – This is a life saver for not just one reason but many. It rescues us from dry & crusty skin, revitalizes wrinkled & old skin while nourishing young skin too.  Vitamin E is also a natural anti-oxidant that helps in revitalizing damaged collagen & skin discoloration, sun burn & fine lines.
  2. Evening Prim Rose Oil: This oil is rich in essential  gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) at 16%, contains Vitamin C in high amount and is Non comedogenic which means it does not clogs pores. Its acts as a powerful anti-aging agent that helps you keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay as it supports collagen and elastin structure.. It hydrates dry skin, repair skin cellular system and also helps in producing new skin cells. It helps in lightening dark circles under eyes and also has inflammatory properties due to presence of zinc content to reduce redness & treat rosacea, eczema etc. EPO also improves blood circulation and is perfect for pimples & blackheads problems.