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DIY natural & nourishing almond Kohl

Hey friends!

Kohl and lip balm are two things that I don’t walk out of my house without applying. And the biggest issues with the kohls available outside in market is the chemicals like lead sulphide which is highly toxic for eyes. Which reminded me of the kohl that used to be created by my grand ma from almonds which was highly nourishing. So today here is a grandma recipe for you.


  1. 5 almonds
  2. Cow ghee
  3. Cold pressed seasame oil
  4. Utensils: A diya, Cotton Wick, two steel bowls, a steel plate
  5. A small container to store kohl



The images shown below will explain you step by step procedure very easily

  1. Dip the cotton wick in cow’s ghee and lit it inside a diya
  2. Place the two steel bowls on each side of the diya and then subsequently place the plate on top of it, as shown in the image
  3. Insert the compass needle/pin in the almond nicely, ensuring the almond does not break
  4. Hold the almond on the lit diya, soon you will see soot getting accumulated on the steel plate
  5. A single almond will take around 3 mins to burn. Now throw the burnt almond and repeat the exercise with a new almond
  6. Scratch the collected soot on the plate in a mixing bowl and add a lil seasame oil to make the dry kohl semi solid and consistent to apply
  7. Voila! your home made kohl is ready to be applied with a nice kohl or liner brush


burning wick   how-to-make-kajal-kohl-at-home-step-1   kajal sootkajal-in-eyes-homemade-step-6final kohl

Keep trying & stay Natural! Love Loads ! Shrads!

Please note: That home made kajals will always smudge. Cant help it :(