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All about Carrier Oils!!

Carrier Oils, Vegetable oils & essential oils all have plethora of therapeutic & culinary applications. Today oils are being produced in various fashion, having different degrees of quality; but does all these processes are great for consumption?

Lets find out:

1. Cold pressed: A mechanical extraction where temperatures are minimized & controlled to 80-90 Fahrenheit. This process helps in maintaining the original state & constituents of the oil.

2. Expeller Pressed: In this mechanical extraction only small amount of heat is produced due to the friction of hydraulic presses. the temperature in this case is usually around 120-200 degree Fahrenheit. In this process the molecular state of the oil is fairly undisturbed, hence making it fit as food grade oil & usage of cosmetics & skin care products.

3. Refined Oil: Its a fully processed oil where oil goes through flash fluctuation (450 degrees Fahrenheit), winterization (-30 degrees), deodorization & bleaching. These methods are specifically used for oil which needs longer shelf life or can go rancid quickly. These are economical for cosmetic usage but not for food.

4. Partially Refined: When out of the above above maximum of one, or two, or three are used as a combination to produce oil, it is known as partially refined.

5. Unrefined: These are the most exquisite form of oil with rich, strong flavor & color. This mechanical extraction involves only screen filtering & no other mechanical procedure.

Always Remember: You should use a carrier oil which is cold pressed or expeller pressed, Certified organic and unrefined.



Choosing the right carrier oil is very important. It depends on your skin type, age and special treatment required for your skin. Below is the list of some carrier oils which can be experimented depending on your skin.

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Now lets learn about the benefits of some of these oil and understand where can you buy it from.

Jojoba Oil: This is considered to be a sebum -  an oil that human expel to lubricate their skin and hair. It is suitable for all skin types. Hence it becomes excellent in using as a scalp cleanser & conditioner, in increasing hair shine and increasing hair growth. It also has many valuable benefits for skin due to its mineral content. It acts as a great moisturiser, its has great face cleansing property & works brilliantly for wrinkle, acne etc… Read more about it here.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Jojoba oil in India from :Moksha InternationalNatural FragrancesSoul FlowerHealth first (not organic)

Sweet Almond Oil: This is a great oil and helps in moisturizing any skin type.  It helps in lightening skin tone, reducing dark circle, removing dead skin, delaying age, treating chapped lips, making hair shiny, long and dandruff free.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil in India from: Natural FragrancesKama AyurvedaForrest EssentialsHealth first (not organic)

Castor Oil: It is a high absorb-able topical oil which keeps one hydrated and free from infections.It is a great face cleanser and hence makes the base for OCM(Oil cleansing method). Castor oil works great for Hair growth and hence makes a brilliant serum for eye lashes and eye brows, check out the recipe here.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Castor Oil in India from: Moksha InternationalOrganic DepotShop Healthy

Sunflower Oil:  Due to its calming and moisturizing properties it is very healthy for skin. It contains Vitamin E and beta-carotene which helps you protect from UVB rays of sun. Being exceptionally light and non greasy it gets absorbed into the skin very nicely, hence brilliant for acne prone skin. Because of this light texture it is also great for frizzy, dry & damaged  hair. Also It makes a great source for making lip balms. Maximum of the lip balms over the counter contains sunflower oil.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Sunflower Oil in India from: Moksha InternationalOrganic Depot, Everyday OrganicsAvera Organic

Sesame Oil:  This oil is highly moisturizing, detoxifying and  helps repair damaged skin cells. It also contains Vitamin E and antioxidants and hence it helps in slowing down aging and prevents free radicals. It also acts as a great sunscreen. If to be used daily you can use it as a body lotion after hot bath on wet skin. You can also use cosmetic grade cooking oil as a sunscreen. Mix 3 drops of any of these essential oils such as rosemary, clove, cedar wood, thyme or lavender per tsp of seasame oil. Seasame Oil is also great for Oil Pulling.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Sesame Oil in India from: Moksha International( for cosmetic use), Conscious Food ( for eating purpose)

Coconut Oil:  We all know that coconut oil is brilliant for hair, but trust it is does wonder for skin too. Buy a bottle of unrefined  organic coconut oil and use it as a moisturizer for body & face.  it contains SPF 4 and hence is used to make diy sunscreens too. Its anti bacterial properties helps you in remove stretch marks & scars. You can also dry shave with this oil. And on top of it coconut oil is great for Oil Pulling too because of its great anti bacterial properties.

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Coconut Oil in India from: Conscious FoodOrganic DepotNatural FragrancesEcoplanet

Evening Primrose Oil: it nourishes nails, scalp & hair due to the good amount of fatty acid contained in it. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, it is great to treat eczema. Its makes a great ingredient for eye serum & skin serum. The GLA acid in it is great for your body if consumed orally to treat pain, eczema and other skin related problems

You can buy pure, organic & cold pressed Evening Primrose oil Oil in India from: Natural FragrancesSoulflower






Oil Cleansing Method

Hey friends!

I know you have been reading a lot about Oil Cleansing Methods & by now must have seen like 100s of Pins on pinterest about this. So let me help you demystify OCM for Indian Skin.

OCM is very effective for Indian Skin Too, however I personally prefer it doing in the night as my night care routine so that I don’t have to go in pollution even if some traces of oil are left on my skin. Plus I always prefer using a clean pillow cover every time I sleep.


It contains majorly three ingredients

  1. Base Oil: Your Base oil have-to have-to be Castor Oil. It is the most cleansing & highly antibacterial oil which is suitable for all skin types.
  2. Nourishing Oil (The second oil which you can use can completely depend on your skin type. these some of them you can try. please note if you are pregnant you might want to see which is the most suitable one for you.)
    • All Skin Types: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Tamanu
    • Oily Skin: Grapeseed, Jojoba, Hazelnut, Rice Bran
    • Dry Skin: Avacado, Apricot, Seasame, Wheat Germ,
    • Normal Skin: Apricot, Avacado, Sunflower, Camellia
    • Aging: Argan, Rosehip, Carrot, Emu
  3. Healing Essential Oil (these are optional & also depends on your skin type)
    • Oily Skin: Tea Tree, Lavender, Germanium, Rosewood, Neem
    • Dry Skin: Germanium, Lavender, Sandalwood

Don’t use Olive or Coconut Oil, because I have read maximum complaints about these ones only.

Preparation, Application & Instructions

The ratio in which the above oil needs to be mixed are:

  1. Oily Skin: 2/3 Castor Oil + 1/3 Carrier Oil +2-3 drops of Essential Oil
  2. Dry Skin: 1/3 Castor Oil + 2/3 Carrier Oil +2-3 drops of Essential Oil
  3. Normal Skin: 1/2 Castor Oil + 1/2 Carrier Oil +2-3 drops of Essential Oil

Once mixed together, Apply the same on your face, you dont need to clean dirt or makeup from face, but I prefer to clean the same with gramflour (besan) before applying it. Then gently massage the oil in circular motions all over the face for 2 mins. Let the oil sit on your face for 2 mins. Take a washcloth & dip the same in hot water for 10-15 sec. Squeeze the water out & then wipe your face with the same. Repeat cleaning 2-3 times.

Where to buy Ingredients?

In India You can buy all of them from either Kama, Forest Essential, Soulflower ,or Health 1st