Oil pulling – The perfect mouth care!!

After hearing and reading a lot about oil pulling, I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, because of of a extreme sweet tooth and improper dental care i have been a victim of tooth decay. So I thought lets try this over talked OIL PULLING method.

I choose Coconut Oil to start because of its anti bacterial properties. I took 2 tsps of coconut oil to start with instead of 1 tablespoon. The moment I placed coconut oil in my mouth , i felt like puking. But with a lot of efforts and will I placed the second spoon and started swishing. It took me 5 seconds to settle down the feeling of puking and continue swishing. I swished for about 17 mins, till the mixture doubled in quantity and turned white.

The second day it was a lot more easier for me to do it for good 20 mins. I use to continue doing my other house chores while swishing the oil in my mouth. And soon the 10th day arrived when I had an appointment with my dentist too. By 10th day I was able to feel whiter teeth and better breath.

In the evening I wanted to take my dentist opinion on it too. And I am happy to inform that he was like- ” It’s an ancient method and definitely has its benefits. It helps you in whiter teeth , prevention of oral bacteria, on dental caries, on plaque/gingivitis and on oral micro-organisms.

So here is the summary of the entire method.

  1. Take 2 tsps of any of these oils: Coconut, Olive or Sesame. Please note that these oils should be organic and cold-pressed. Check out my earlier blog All about Carrier oils to know where can you buy these oil from your choice.
  2. Swish it in the mouth for 20 mins. You will realize that the amount of liquid in your mouth has doubled and turned white.
  3. Spit the liquid out in a trash can. Do not Swallow the same since it contains high amount of toxins. Also do not spit it in the sink, it might block your drainage system.

So it definitely worked for me and gets a thumbs up.  I am breast feeding my LO as I started with Oil Pulling and it is completely safe. It is a mild detox and will not get any toxins mobilized in your breast milk. So, let me know if this oil pulling method works for your oral care routine or not.

Love ! Shrads XOXO!!




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