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Those full year savings spent on a travel trip is really high. Hence it is important to know what to do, where to eat and what to shop.

hongkong travel itinerary

Where to stay and shop in Hongkong?

Hi Freinds! This is my first article on travel and I am really hoping you guys like this. Honestly, why am I writing a blog on travel despite having a number of them; is because no one blog tells you exactly where should you stay, SHOP and EAT (If you are an Indian). Rest which places you should visit is mentioned a thousand times. So this blog is going to tell you how to make the perfect itinerary to do all 4 (Stay, SHOP, Eat and Travel) in best possible manner.

So here’s my submission

I would ideally like to start this blog with why one should not live in those hotels offered by maximum travel agents like Make my trip etc. Yes! you heard it right. All they do is ensure that you pay less to them but more in travelling in another country in taxi fares and the time you waste. For eg – I went to Hongkong in Dec 2016 and I was staying in Panda Kowloon hotel. Now look at the map below; for us, Indians who want to travel, eat Indian food and shop, this was the ‘Perfect Hotel’ not to stay :|


hongkong map and travel plan

Where to shop stay travel eat for indians with kid and family

Now if you stay so far off from all the activities you want to do then imagine the amount of time and money you would be wasting. So here’s how your itinerary should look like. Please note I will not give too many details about the place because that you can find on the internet. But a crisp itinerary so that you make most of your time and money.

Day 1 – Reach Hongkong from airport or Macau where ever you are coming from. Take a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, check in and get fresh. Come down to do some shopping in that area. You can have Indian food at any of the restaurants like Sangeetha, Gaylord, Moti Mahal, they all serve yummy and brilliant food. After that, you can shop at some brilliant stand alone brands and malls on Canton road. Post that you can go to Temple Street Night market too.

Day 2 – Get ready and go to Ocean Park. Trust me you won’t be able to cover this in a day’s time. So you can choose to go there for 2 days, buy your tickets accordingly. Carry a map of ocean park so that you know where you are and note down all the timings for the shows here. Reach the show 5 mins before and grab a seat because they start on time. Come back to your hotel and again go to any of the veg restaurants of your wish.

Day 3 - Go to Disney Land! It will take again one full day for you to explore the place, always remeber to carry a map for disney land too so that you know where are you standing and what next would you like to explore.  Also, don’t forget to carry a pram in case you are travelling with a kid :)

Day 4 – If you are a city traveller and like to explore the same then go to one of those city tours with your travel package. It will complete by lunch and then you can continue to shop at Causeway Bay, TimesSquare etc. However, I would recommend going to City Gate Mall. Here you would find all brand at a heavy discount of 50-60%. Trust me, this is the factory outlet for all brands. I shopped here like crazy and was wondering why didn’t I come here first. Trust me no point spending time and money anywhere else.

Day 5 – This is a must go to City Gate Mall. Since this is near to your airport too. You might have to buy another luggage bag to carry all those brands you have shopped :P :*  And then head towards the airport.

Small note  - Here’ some brand we Indians should buy or not buy from Hongkong based on the list I wanted to buy. Always keep a price check list on items you would like to buy especially in premium brands for watches, bags, shoes etc.

1. Louis Vitton – It’s expensive than India. Approx by 10,000 to 15,000 INR. So prefer picking it up here.

2. Fendi – This is something you can look at buying only if you are getting a discount in Hongkong, then you can save up to 20,000 INR.

3. Rado – Would never recommend you buying in HongKong coz you get it much cheaper in India.

4. Tory Burch, Micheal Kors, Kate Spade and Coach – Must buy from City Gate Malls.

5. H&M, Guess, Gucci, Hugo Boss etc or another clothing brand  – Anywhere from  Tsim Sha Tsui or City Gate, will not make too much of a difference.

Also as a word of caution for all those who are clubbing Macau Trip with your HongKong trip. Remeber not to shop anything here. They are just too expensive. For eg My Rado watch MRP in Macau was 1,10,000 INR with discount was coming for 90,000 INR. In India, the MRP is only Rs 82,900 and with various offers, I got another 20% off. Making a saving of easy Rs 25,000. So go to Macau and chill, play casino till you win enough to shop in Hong Kong.

Now the above paragraph was the most important piece in the blog because no travel blog told me that Macau was not the place to shop and I ended spending there a lil from my shopping haul budget.

Hope you like this blog, let me know in case you want to know anything about Macau and Hongkong in the comment section below & I would love to share more details.

Cheers! Shrads! XOXO!